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Solar Panels & Solar Energy

This week, Ed and Rachelle explore the ins and outs of solar power, and determine if solar panels are worth the work.

Save Money By Eating Healthy

Ed and Rachelle compare your options for buying cheap, organic, locally-grown, and healthy food.

Oceana’s Keith Addis On Bait and Switch in Aquaculture

Keith Addis, top Hollywood talent manager and Oceana’s Board of Directors President, shares how Oceana is fighting seafood fraud and how the grassroots movement has actually created change.

Don Most Talks “Happy Days” & Vaudeville’s Comeback

Don Most shares how he went from Happy Days to fulfilling his dream of performing big band music.

Public Transportation vs. Uber vs. Biking

This week, Ed and Rachelle drive you through the benefits of green transportation - carpooling, ride sharing, public transportation, walking, biking, and more!


Michael Kaliski, Hollywood's Green Movie Guy

Michael Kaliski shares how he went from dumpster diving to launching a business that’s making big green changes in Hollywood.

Mike Farrell Talks JFK Assassination

Actor Mike Farrell shares his experience on M*A*S*H, his epiphanies from the JFK assassination, and his secrets on staying young.

Beth Grant Gets High Off Love

Actress Beth Grant reveals the cure for creating happiness and her biggest inspirations in the fight for gender equality.

Air Pollution: Causes, Effects, and Solutions

This week, Ed and Rachelle tackle the ways we can reduce air pollution.

Bill Nye Hijacks A Conversation With Frances Fisher

Actress Frances Fisher shares her advice on going green, and she gets a surprise visit from Bill Nye. 


Sharon Lawrence Talks Water Pollution & Women Power

Actress Sharon Lawrence dives into her deepest concerns about plastic pollution, toxins, and gender equality.

Green Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Ed and Rachelle offer their Valentine’s Day ideas to shower your sweetheart and the environment with love, but without breaking the bank.

Moby Reveals His Real Name & Talks Veganism

This week, musician and vegan Moby shares his thoughts on success and relationships in activism, and his health tips for getting all the nutrients and vitamins on a plant-based diet.

Save Money, Save the Planet

This week, Ed and Rachelle share their journeys towards fighting climate change and read ideas from listeners about tackling environmental problems.

Going Green with Jeff Goldblum

Actor Jeff Goldblum joins Ed and Rachelle to talk about how he made his house eco-friendly, why he's drawn to scientist roles, and how Hollywood has been contributing to the environmental effort.



Introducing Begleyesque

Welcome to Begleyesque, a green celebrity talk show! New episodes coming soon.