Episode 07

Air quality is a worldwide issue, which means we’re all at risk. So what can you do to improve clean air? Where can you throw out your e-waste? Why should you care about VOCs? Ed and Rachelle also discuss the most polluted cities in the US, debate how much an air purifier is really helping the environment, get interrupted by a call from Harry Dean Stanton, and share an email from someone who fell victim to the Volkswagen emissions scandal.


 Bike riding - one of the many ways you can cut down on air pollution

Bike riding - one of the many ways you can cut down on air pollution


  1. Read the labels on your products. Be aware of what you’re really bringing into your house.

  2. Nobody is exempt from air pollution. It’s an equal opportunity problem, so we all need to do our part to keep the air quality and our own bodies healthy.

  3. Keep companies and the government accountable. Remind them about their responsibility to help our one and only planet Earth.



Global Green

Earth Day Texas

Green features of The George W. Bush Presidential Center - the first presidential library to receive LEED Platinum certification under New Construction

The Chicago Tribune’s article on George W. Bush’s energy-efficient home near Crawford, TX

South Pasadena's move towards zero-emission public landscape maintenance

Start your own vegetable garden

Health risks to air pollution

Daikin's Home HVAC Systems

Consumer Reports' guide on air filters

VIP for Air's ranking & reviews on HEPA air filters

How to insulate your house

Find an e-waste recycling center near you

American Lung Association's tips on how to quit smoking

American Lung Association’s list of most polluted cities in the US

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

DIY shaving creams

A guide on non-toxic, eco-friendly air fresheners

Biking masks

Wolfbike anti-pollution cycling mask

Respro’s pollution masks


Ed on Star Trek: Voyager

Ed’s interview on WTF with Marc Maron

Charities you should donate your time and / or money to:

Conservation International

National Resources Defense Council

Trust for Public Land

World Wildlife Fund


Waterkeeper Alliance

How to contact elected officials

House representatives


Legislators on all levels

Volkswagen emissions scandal explained by the BBC


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