Episode 36

When Ed and Rachelle asked for a LEED platinum house, contractor Scott Harris couldn't resist the challenge. Even without much knowledge of sustainable homes, he seized the opportunity and studied up on the features that would set this super eco-friendly house apart from the norm. But don't worry, you don't have to be Ed Begley Jr. with pot fillers, paperless drywalls, and a greywater system if you want a house with a low carbon footprint. Scott shares budget-friendly ways you can make your own house better for the environment, and take care of your own health by preventing mold from infiltrating your walls.




1. You can achieve your dreams without taking the traditional path.

2. A house can be functional and beautiful.

3. Green can be a way of life.





Building Construction Group website

Email Scott Harris at scott@buildingcgroup.com

Follow Scott on Instagram

Watch Scott in the web series On Begley Street

Boogie Nights, the film

Adam Carolla

Why you should get paperless drywall

Tips on preventing and inspecting for mold in your home

The holy trinity of creating mold on paper on the back of drywall - put in a dark place, add water, and a food source


Why you should pay attention to VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and off gassing

LEED certification

Erector sets of today 

3 Advantages of Pot Fillers in your kitchen

SCI-Arc, architecture school

Barbara Barry

Other college drop outs: Steve JobsFrank Lloyd WrightLudwig Mies van der Rohe (who didn't even go to college)

William Hefner

ACT D'mand system - save electricity / heat / time / water / energy by not waiting for hot water

Learn about recirculating pumps

John Woosley

Learn about shear wall

Daikon system for heating & AC

Fly ash

Avoid flooding from your AC condensate line

Los Angeles' plan for a master rainwater catchment system

UV pool vs. ozone pool

Sierra Pacific windows & doors

Kevin James, actor

Greywater reuse vs. rainwater harvesting

US Green Building Council

What mere mortals can do:

Our episode with Corbin Bernsen & Amanda Pays

Lutron lighting

LED lighting solutions from Eaton


National Council of Jewish Women

Title 24

Miter box


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