Episode 35

Moving into a new house can be a hassle. But for actors and home renovators Corbin Bernsen (LA Law, Psych) and Amanda Pays (The Flash, Max Headroom), uprooting and changing locations is like therapy. They share how their spending habits have morphed from overabundance to frugality and simplicity, how the nomadic life has strengthened their relationship, and where they look for the best secondhand furniture. Of course, they also challenge Ed to travel with them across international borders, and reveal the houses that they regretted the most.



  1. Sometimes we have to just live life...and then worry about the finances.
  2. Go where life takes you. It can help you get out of the grind.
  3. Wherever you are, honor what the environment tells you to do. Make the most of what’S there and adapt.
  4. Trying to expand through the cheap and fast route isn’t always the best solution in the long run.



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Open House: Reinventing Space for Simple Living - buy their book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble

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Corbin Bernsen, actor / director / producer - check out his work in film & TV

Amanda Pays, actress - check out her work in film & TV


Richard Branson - will he ever invent a biofuel so Ed will finally get on a plane?

Norwegian Air


Santa Fe Southwestern style that was big in the 1980s

Judd Hirsch, actor who gave them 2 barns to use the wood

Steve Martin, actor / comedian who bought the first house they sold

1994 earthquake that shook Southern California

LA Law

The Flash

Farnham, Surrey

Hampshire, England

The Cape, TV series - why Corbin had to move to Florida and left Amanda to raise 4 boys

Kennedy Space Center

Campbell Hall

Cool restaurants made of shipping containers

The science of peeing in the pool

DG (Decomposed granite) 101

Plants that should've been planted in Southern California

Son Oliver Bernsen - artist, filmmaker

Rose Bowl Flea Market


England council houses - America's version of stucco houses

American expansion after WWII

The Crucial Decade - and After: America, 1945-1960 by Eric Goldman


Robert Blake, actor

Priscilla Woolworth



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