Episode 33

Susan Anton - actress, Broadway star, and still a singer today - never imagined that she'd go from an apple farm girl to the show opener for Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. But after her boyfriend dared her to try out for a beauty pageant, she became enamored with the entertainment business. She shares how her honest answer on Miss America changed pageant policy forever, what it was like dating Dudley Moore when she was 9 inches taller (and that's without heels), why she started picking up trash after a talk with God, and the best advice she got from Sammy Davis Jr. 




1. Be curious. It just might land you a date.
2. We should all get over appearances. 
3. We need to recognize the trash around us and pick it up. Let’s make it better for the next person.
4. Cherish the incredible moments in life.



Susan Anton's website

Follow Susan on Facebook

Susan Anton's TV shows & movie appearances

Rachelle's panel at Podcast Movement

WeSpark's Jazz and the Cinema charity concert - starring Jeff Goldblum, Susan Anton, Sandra Booker, and more

Yucaipa, California

Oak Glen, California 

Doris DayFrank Sinatra - Susan's inspirations

Meet Me in St. Louis

Bert Parks, host of the Miss America Pageant

Pasadena, CA, where you go to clean offices and work as a car hop

Eddie Foye Jr., pageant judge / Susan's mentor

Larry Whitemusical director

Carrie Whitehairdresser / Susan & Jeff's matchmaker

The Will Rogers FolliesBroadway musical

Marla Maples

Hurlyburly, the play

Kevin Spacey as the understudy

Kennedy Center Honors - Adolf Green and Betty Comden

Keith Carradine

The Merv Griffin Show

A Curious Mind by producer Brian Grazer

Dudley Moore, the 5'2" comedian / actor

Peter Cook & Dudley Moore in Beyond the Fringe

Bedazzled (1967)

Mike Nichols, director

Original Hurlyburly cast - William "Bill" Hurt, Christopher Walken, Sigourney Weaver

Jeff Lester, actor / producer / writer & Susan's husband

Joe the Wheaton Terrier

Pittsburgh, starring Jeff Goldblum

Women with a Purpose seminars

John Lennon "Imagine"

Yes I Can: The Story of Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis Jr.'s advice for nerves: "Give everything you got, do best you can, and...they didn't come to see you anyway."

Frank Sinatra "Come Rain or Come Shine"

The Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas

Big Picture Studios

The Last Real Cowboys, starring Billy Bob Thorton

Walking Tall, TV series starring Bo Svenson and Jeff as Grady Spooner

Laura Dern, actress

Speed of Life, documentary about Amy Purdy who lost her legs and competed in the Paralympics

Vitello's Restaurant

Megaformer - "pilates on steroids" invented by Sebastian Lagree

Headspace, a meditation app invented by former monk Andy Puddicombe



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