Episode 32

Moniqua Plante (Nashville, Drop Dead Diva) wears many hats as an actress, producer, writer, and holistic health coach. After a two month-long case of food poisoning, she found the solution in natural healing and she was hooked into the world of self-love, care, and nourishment. She talks with Ed and Rachelle about the dangers of artificial sweeteners, the importance of gut health, and a trick that actors should use to get rid of nerves about auditions.


1. Make sure you have a healthy mind & body. It starts with your own ecosystem.

2. Stay creative.




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The Plante Life

Check out Moniqua's film & TV show appearances

Sugarloaf Mountain, Colorado

The Sink restaurant in Boulder, CO

X Games

Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York

Moniqua as Natasha on Nashville

Coca-Cola's effort to fight sugar

Sugar 101

Natural sugar substitutes

Tips on how to cut back on sugar

Does hypnotherapy really work?

Mar Vista Farmers' Market

Studio City Farmers' Market

Lena Dunham & body image

Pillow TalkMoniqua's award-winning short film

BansheeFemme Fatales

Sydney Pollack, director

Bryan Cranston's advice to actors


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