Episode 29

Burnie Burns - Rooster Teeth co-founder, filmmaker, and producer - has never been afraid of bending the rules. He chats with Ed and Rachelle about his runaway parents, and the legal loophole that helped him buy his Tesla. Burnie also discusses how he survived "The Amazing Race," what the differences are between traditional celebrities and YouTube stars, and how an email address spurred his career into starting an online empire.


  1. Follow your dream.
  2. Small steps make a difference - like taking caps off water bottles.
  3. You never know where life is going to take you.



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Burnie’s cel shaded Telsa

What is cel shading?

Cel shaded purse

The Runner Stumbles, the play that’s reflective of Burnie’s parents

University of Texas at Austin

Dot Com Era / Dot Com Bubble - a brief overview

Compuserve, AOL

Director Robert Rodriguez - El Mariachi, Desperado

Director Quentin Tarantino

SxSW (South by Southwest)

Watch Red vs. Blue, Rooster Teeth's longest-running web series

Mac Switch parody ad

Real Apple Switch ads

Matt Hullum

YouTubers - Philip DeFranco, iJustine, PewDiePie

VidCon - swarms of teenage fan girls

Shane Dawson, Lisa Schwartz

Ed Begley Jr. on Lisa Schwartz's series Party Girl

20th anniversary of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter book series

Ape, a short film from Josh Hutcherson

Blogilates, Yoga with Adriene

Netflix's GLOW, starring Marc Maron

The effects of cadmium on the body (why you should do a heavy metal detox)


A review of St. Elsewhere's series finale

Watch Burnie and Ashley on The Amazing Race, season 28

Who are big influencers of today?

Cartagena, Colombia

Chamonix, France, the French Alps

Tblisi, Georgia

Telsa Roadster


Bug out bag


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