Episode 28

This week is a full update from Ed and Rachelle about where they've been, what they've done, and why they're thinking about India for the near future. They share highlights from the fundraiser with Oceana and the Walden Woods Project, where they rocked out with Don Henley and Jackson Browne. Rachelle also explains how she's tackling single use plastic. Then find out about one of their latest projects, Begley Living, which will help you build your own green home and live sustainably.


  Ed & Rachelle with Dianna Cohen at Oceana / Walden Woods fundraiser

Ed & Rachelle with Dianna Cohen at Oceana / Walden Woods fundraiser


Sadhguru, India's spiritual thought leader, yogi, visionary, and founder of the Isha Foundation

What is ocean acidification?

River Restoration

Pollution in the Ganges River, aka Ganga River

Portlandiacreated by Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen

Portlandia clip with Ed Begley Jr.

Book Club with mature women like Candace Bergen and Diane Keaton

Future Man new trailer with Seth Rogen and Josh Hutcherson

How far behind are women film directors?

Grindr vs. Tinder vs. Bumble vs. Match.com vs. JDate

Tana Frederick and Project Save Our Surf

A recap of the Oceana & Walden Woods Project fundraiser

Listen to our episode with Oceana's Keith Addis

Bill Murray, actor

Mitch Glazer, writer and producer

Don Henley, musician, member of The Eagles, and activist

Jackson Browne, singer

Henry David Thoreau

West Side Story iconic songs "I Feel Pretty," "Maria"

Watch Bill Murray sing West Side Story at the fundraiser here

Eagles "Take It Easy"

Don Henley "Heart of the Matter"

Dianna Cohen's Plastic Pollution Coalition

Try out these metal straws

Video of plastic straw in sea turtle's nose - why you shouldn't use plastic straws

Plastic pollution effects on birds from Midway Islands 

Hawaiian islands that are multicolored because of plastic

NPR's story on sand shortage

Fly ash

Eye sand from sleep

Andy Sharpless - Oceana

Ringo Starr birthday - #peaceandlove

Joe Walsh, musician

Vicki Abelson's podcast, BROADcast

Information on Ed's event with MMRMA (Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority) in Traverse City, Michigan

Begley Living website

ACT D'MAND water heater system

AO Smith

Daikin air conditioning system

William Hefner, architect 

VOC paints


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