Episode 26

Ed and Rachelle get a special visit from recently retired IT engineer Bruce Fong and his 88 year-old mother, Lois. They travel back in time to discuss the perils of Chinese immigrants, and what it was like to attend USC when tuition was only $375 per quarter. Bruce also starts a competition with his 8 kilowatts of solar, Ed prepares some beets from the garden, and Lois reveals how she's kept her mind and body in such tiptop shape without even dieting.


1. Keep your body active and your brain active.
2. Continue working in what interests you the most.
3. You don’t need a PhD to make a difference.


California Fire Foundation

Charity Buzz

Walnut, CA

Orange groves and smudge pots throughout California's history

San Gabriel Mountains


Office Depot

1984 Los Angeles Olympics

Tape drives

Florida's flooding concerns from climate change

A look at Chinese discrimination in the US

Owl Drugstore

A history of USC School of Pharmacy

Chinese medicine vs. Western medicine

Maritime cruise to the British Isles, Wales, and Scottish islands


NBC's The Voice

How to eat slower & eating slower is healthier for you


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