Episode 25

In honor of Independence Day, Ed and Rachelle give their tips for celebrating this holiday without too much damage to your health, the environment, and your wallet. What grilling ideas won’t weigh down your body or your carbon footprint? Are sky lanterns or nitrogen fireworks better than traditional fireworks? They also share DIY crafts and decorations that save money, pet safety rules, timeless 4th of July movies, and your favorite ways to celebrate America’s day of patriotism.



History of 4th of July

Our beloved friend Glenne Headly

Love (Netflix)

Portlandia (IFC)

Georgia’s policy on marijuana

Find out your state’s ruling on weed - Marijuana Policy Project

Some interesting 4th of July Parades around America

Find a parade near you

If you’re unfamiliar with using public transportation, we’ve got you covered!

Outdoor games - corn hole / corn toss, ladder golf / ladder toss, horseshoes

Watch a patriotic, Fourth of July movie

Born on the Fourth of July, the movie

Bruce Springsteen, Born in the USA

Propane vs. charcoal BBQ grill - health risks & environmental impact


4th of July DIY craft & decoration ideas

EcoQue portable grill & grilling accessories

Stumpy Joe & the other dead drummers of Spinal Tap

Michaux’s sumac, the federally endangered plant

William Daniels in 1776



0:00 = Intro & updates

11:40 = Segment: Cash in the Green

16:00 = A reminder to protect your pets from the July 4th fireworks noise

19:35 = Segment: Green or Garbage?

22:35 = Segment: Products of the week

23:37 = Segment: Ask the Begleys

26:20 = Outro


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