Comedian Kevin Nealon (SNL, Weeds) wishes he had wider aspirations, but the thrill of the comedy scene was too invigorating to pass up. After Dana Carvey helped him get on SNL, Kevin has maintained a healthy career on screen and a healthy lifestyle off screen. Find out about Kevin's serial killer demeanor, his initial disdain for activists, Garry Shandling's uninvited monk, and a near-death experience on a morning hike.



1. Find time to meditate.

2. Do your passion and go into it with nothing to lose.

3. Half the battle is showing up.



Kevin's website

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Check out Kevin's work on films & TV shows

Jan Hooks on SNL

David Mirkin

Watch Kevin on SNL (Weekend Update, Mr. Subliminal Man)

Ed Peck, actor

Al Frankenactor, comedian, and Minnesota State Senator

The Improv in Hollywood

Les Moonves, who didn't think Kevin would become anything

Classic actors & comedians spotted at the Improv - Marty Feldman, John Travolta, Robin Williams, Steve Martin, Bob Fosse, Albert Brooks

Dana Carvey work on SNL

Lorne Michaels, the mastermind producer behind SNL and many more

Brad Grey

The Stakeout SNL sketch with Kevin and Tony Danza

Hiller and Diller - with Richard Lewis & Eugene Levy

Weeds (Showtime)


CBS's Man With A Planstarring Matt LeBlanc

Watch a trailer for Christopher Guest's Mascots - with Ed, Kevin's wife Susan Yeagley, and Parker Posey

Bob Einstein


Farm Sanctuary


Watch Hiking with Kevin, his hiking chat show

David Lynch Foundation - Transcendental Meditation

Garry Shandling on meditation & Buddhism

The hit bands of today - One Direction, Twenty One Pilots, The Chainsmokers


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