Episode 23

Actress Christina DeRosa (Black-ish, Bad Moms, Jane the Virgin) may be piccolina, but her heart and passion for serving others are far from small. Having endured a career-ending injury and a dark battle with eating disorders, these days she follows the "gratitude is the best attitude" to relish all that life has to offer. Christina also chats with Ed and Rachelle about experimenting with cleanses, learning from Italy's slow food movement, and redefining the idea of the suffering artist.




1. Sometimes you have to change your dream. But have faith that it'll work out.

2. Diversify. Take responsibility for your career.

3.  There are plenty of ways to give back.

4. Gratitude is the best attitude.



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History of Italy's slow food movement

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"Break a leg!" (but not literally!)

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HuffPost asks, is the tortured artist just a myth?

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Face Forward - providing emotional & reconstructive surgical support for domestic violence survivors

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EWG's list of produce with the most pesticides

Parasite cleanse, liver cleanse

Optimum Health Institute

Campus Caller, written by Paul Brady


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