Episode 20

When actress Nancy Allen (Carrie, RoboCop, Dressed to Kill) lost her passion for acting, she feared she’d never find another career. Then her good friend Wendie Jo Sperber asked her to play golf at a charity event - and Nancy’s life changed forever. Now the Executive Director for the cancer support center weSPARK, Nancy delves into the details on how the environment affects our health, how you can support a friend who has been diagnosed, and what she misses the most about acting.


  1. Get out and get involved.

  2. Be open to change.

  3. If you have a friend who has been affected by cancer - just be there for them. Listen, give them resources, and give them support.



weSPARK website

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Casting director Harriet Hellberg

Michael Talbott

Nancy with John Travolta in Carrie

Schwab’s Pharmacy - a hangout for Hollywood hopefuls

An article on Nancy’s deaths in her ex-husband Brian De Palma’s movies (Dressed to Kill, Carrie, Blow Out)

Church of Religious Science

Actress Wendie Jo Sperber

Cancer statistics (SEER)


Tips on how to manage your stress

Bruno Kirby

'Feud': A Timeline of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford's Infamous Rivalry (Hollywood Reporter)


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