Episode 18

Actress Salome Azizi (Transparent, Black-ish, American Wrestler: The Wizard) had to explore several careers and countries before she rediscovered her love for being on screen. As someone who has endured alopecia-inducing stress, the dangers of being an Iranian at the BBC World Service, and the frustrations of Trump's Muslim ban, she's coming out the other end, ready to embrace this next chapter in her life. She shares her wonderful experience working with the cast of Transparent, the story of her first and last time taking a bus in LA, and the one food that's sabotaging her attempt to become a vegetarian.


1. It's never too late to pursue your passion.

2. Celebrate the human spirit. 



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BBC World Service

How to say “I love you” in Farsi

American Wrestler: The Wizard - Watch the trailer here

An update on Trump’s travel ban

Persian meat kebabs - the food that’s ruining Salome’s vegetarian diet (but can you blame her?)

Rank of British actors’ American accents and American actors’ British accents - do you agree?

Transparent’s Gaby Hoffmann

Jane the Virgin

DIY fruit face mask ideas

Are you interested in being a foster dog parent?

Paul Hawken’s Drawdown


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