Episode 15

Solar power can get you off the grid, but how the heck does it even work? Ed and Rachelle share the solar energy information you should know, including the potential costs and savings, solar hot water vs. solar electricity, and solar companies that can help you with the installation. Find out what kind of roof you’ll need, which portable solar panel kit they recommend, and how much carbon emission we cut by using this clean energy.



1. Installing and maintaining your solar panels does take work. But the savings for your wallet and the planet make it worth the effort.

2. Renewable energy is on the rise. Let’s do what we can to keep this momentum going.



People’s Climate March

The Kentucky coal museum that went solar

The Kentucky coal company that’s adding solar

Paul Hawken’s Project Drawdown

Check out Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) for tons more solar information

Solar companies - Solar City, Verengo

Look up your state for solar tax credits and rebates

AO Smith solar water heater

Panasonic solar panels

Sunny Boy solar inverter

Acciona’s plans for a solar power plant

Apple’s solar plans

Solar refrigerator

SOLSOL hat charger for smartphones

Solar backpack to charge mobile devices

Solar powered bike lock

Solar toothbrush

Goal Zero Nomad 7 solar panel kit

Katadyn hiker water filter

Solar tents

Union of Concerned Scientists on CO2 emissions from solar vs. natural gas vs. coal


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