Episode 11

Nowadays, there are many options for being green on the go - but is one transportation service more eco-friendly than the other? What information should you know before you ride your bike, take the bus, or use a ride share app? Ed and Rachelle also navigate you through ways to plan your short and long-distance trips, and answer a listener’s question about reducing your carbon footprint through Uber vs. public transportation.

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  1. Biking and walking aren’t just good for environment, they’re good for your health.

  2. Taking green transportation doesn’t have to be an inconvenience. Plan ahead and do your research.

  3. If you have to drive your car, bring someone along with you. Carpooling with company makes the journey more fun!



EMA Impact Summit

World Economic Forum’s list of cities going car-less

Charge Point

Watch this video about loading your bike on the bus

TAP cards

Use Google Maps to plan your trip

Bicycle safety tips


Hybrid taxis

What is Uber X?

LAX Flyaway bus

Vectrix electric scooters


Be safe and wear a helmet

Phone solar charger that plugs in your car

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