Episode 10

Michael Kaliski has worked in the entertainment industry for about 25 years, but fighting climate change has always been in his blood. He launched Good Planet Innovation to lower Hollywood's carbon footprint and bring green products to the screen - and he’s not stopping there. He explains how production studios and other institutions can save money by going green, what it’s like to work in Charlie Chaplin’s editing room, and why he wants James Bond to drink from a reusable water bottle.



1. If we want to have an impact, we need to bring the message to the people who aren’t aware about the issues we care about.

2. We can spread powerful messages through the media. Weave the issue into the story.

3. This isn't just about saving the environment. This is about saving lives.

4. Changing your diet is a deep green choice and a deep green change.



Good Planet Innovation

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Learn about Charlie Chaplin's office

TV shows and films (The New Normal, The Big Bang Theory) that have used Good Planet's ethical product placement services

Watch how they recycled and reduced food waste on set for Old Navy

Rainforest Action Network



Movies that inspire him: Avatar, Schindler's List, The Blood Diamond

Books: Walden, Cradle to Cradle, Conscious Capitalism, Firms of Endearment, The Lorax, The China StudyDiet for New America

DocumentariesAn Inconvenient Truth, Unity, Cowspiracy, Years of Living Dangerously, Gasland, Fuel, Home, Stink, The Story of Stuff, The Human Experiment, Who Killed the Electric Car

Organizations & affiliations that Michael works with: 1% for the Planet, B-Corp, Association of International Commercial Producers

Does milk really help osteoporosis? Read about it here

Steps on going vegan

Global Citizen Festival

Live Nation


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