Actor Jeff Goldblum starred as a scientist in The FlyJurassic Park, and Independence Day - but what does he really think about mankind’s relationship with other species? In the very first episode of Begleyesque, Ed and Rachelle sit down with their friend to discuss his thoughts on climate change, his involvement in the nonprofit organization Oceana, the latest green features in his eco-friendly home, his review of Leonardo DiCaprio's environmental documentary Before the Flood, and Hollywood's effort to be more green. You'll also find out which car he'll be buying next, why his parents weren't the best environmentalist role models, how he and his wife Emilie Livingston are raising their son Charlie to love nature, and why one scientist didn't want him in their biopic.

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1. If we try to create a man-eat-man, we'll only end up in a lose-lose situation.

2. Let's be students and learn from each other.

3. We should live with the curiosity of children. Have an open mind.


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